Sola Gratia Musicians

Laudate Choir, Cantabile Choir, Prima Choir, Advanced Ensemble

Sola Gratia Musicians Mission Statement

Sola Gratia Musicians, Inc. (SGM) is a Christian educational organization offering musical training and choral experience to home–educated students. Musical content is approached from a Judeo-Christian philosophy. Both sacred and secular pieces are used, and their texts are explored as part of the study of individual pieces. “Sola Gratia” is pronounced SO-lah GRAH-tsee-ah. A Latin maxim of the Protestant Reformation, the phrase means “by grace alone.”

Sola Gratia Musicians, Inc. seeks to first be identified with the Lord Jesus Christ, and the music that results is in response to His grace. Training, rehearsals, and performances are conducted in a professional, orderly manner that seeks to challenge, nurture, and encourage spiritual and musical growth in the lives of students.