2024-2025 Commitment Information


Sola Gratia Musicians Membership Guidelines (see website) contain vital information essential for a successful choral year. Before registering, it is necessary to read the Guidelines and determine your willingness to abide by them.

Sola Gratia Musicians is a year-long commitment. Weekly rehearsal attendance must be a priority, and certain rehearsals are mandatory. Mandatory rehearsals include extended time frames. Each chorister must commit to attend all mandatory rehearsals and concerts:

Mandatory Rehearsals:


Wed, Dec 4, 2024

Thurs, Dec 12, 2024 (4:30 pm arrival)

Wed, Dec 11, 2024

Wed, Dec 18, 2024 (TBD am arrival)

Wed, April 2, 2025

Thurs, April 10, 2025 (4:30 pm arrival)

Wed, April 9, 2025

Wed, April 16, 2025 (TBD am arrival)

Commitment Checklist:

  • We have read the complete Membership Guidelines (see website) and agree to abide by all policies.
  • My new choristers and/or returning Cantabile 12-year-old agree to attend a June 5th or 12th audition.
  • We have recorded all mandatory rehearsals and concerts on our calendar.
  • We agree that the chorister(s) in our family will attend all mandatory rehearsals and
  • concerts.
  • We understand the dress code and concert attire requirements and are willing to abide
  • by them.
  • I (parent) agree to participate in the August 24 online parent meeting.
  • I (parent) agree to fulfill a parent service commitment.
  • I (parent) will print out the consent and liability waiver form and the medical release
  • form and bring them to the first rehearsal.